Monday, January 8, 2007

Palastinies propogenda lie to the world

I support the *just* national aspirations of many disenfranchised and formerly disenfranchiised peoples--Kurds, Jews, Armenians, the Irish, Tibetans, Basques.

As stated in a previous blog, I do not put the Arabs of the former Jordanian West Bank, or the former Egyptian Gaza Strip in this category. They are the spearhead of the Arab-Islamist Empires's efforts to exterminate the legitimate and ancient Jewish national aspirations in the Middle East. Formerly, they thought of themselves simply as Arabs, or Jordanians, but as they lost War after War to the tiny but tough Jewish State, a kind of "shadown Zinoism" has created the illusion of a separate national identity for them, "Palestine". It is a propaganda move by the Islamic Jihad to force the only truly Western Nation in the Levant out of existence--no more, no less.

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