Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open Letter to the World (improved narration)

Meir Kahane was shot to death in New York. He was a very controversial figure, even in Israel. I once served on a committee with him, but this is not about him, it is about a plain statement to the non-Jewish world about how it feels to *be* Jewish on your planet. We are damned for being communists by capitalists, by capitalists for being communists, and by everybody for being Jewish nationalists.
BTW, I am not a neocon, I oppose the Iraq War and have from the beginning. But I hesitate to be an activist, because so much of the Iraq antiwar movement - unlike the Viet-Name era movement, links anti Jewish ideas (disguised as anti-Israeli as if Jewish nationalism were not integral to Jewishness) with anti war ideas, and I feel lending support to one will be seen as the other.
Maybe that's why *this* antiwar movement has been so ineffective in the streets. The Jews, bulwarks of progressive movements in America, for the most part stayed home. There is a lesson here.

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