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Tibetan struggle to hold out to the last man: Kalon Tripa

Flanked by three Kalons, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche addressing the conference of settlement officers
Dharamshala, 23 January, TibetNet: Hope for the best--i.e. to hope for a successful resolution of the Tibet problem within the lifetime of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Prepare for the worst--i.e. to be prepared for the worst eventuality, whereby the Tibetan movement has to be sustained indefinitely, for centuries until the last Tibetan.

Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche thus elaborated the maxim of His Holiness here yesterday morning, at the inaugural of the 5th biennial conference of some 39 officers from Tibetan settlements across India and Nepal, under the supervision of the Home Department.

Kalon Tripa underlined the two aims of the Tibetan Administration in exile as His Holiness’ Middle-Way Approach to peacefully resolve the Sino-Tibetan problem, and to undertake measures that assist in the resolution of the issue through that Approach, which includes the sustenance of the Tibet movement through Tibetan religious and cultural identity.

Also present at the conference were the Kalon for religion and culture, Tsering Phuntsok, the Kalon for Education, Thupten Lungrig, and the Kalon for Information and International Relations, Tempa Tsering, who is also the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at New Delhi.

As there has been no change in the policies and plans of the last administration, which invested much time and effort in making assessments, formulating policies and action plans, and educating them to the masses, this administration is absolutely committed to see a thorough implementation of those policies and plans, without any waste of time, the Kalon Tripa added.

"This was also the sole purpose behind holding this conference a year in advance of its conventional timeline."

He further said that the Kashag could only formulate policies and action plans, while their actual implementation on ground relies entirely upon the dedication of the settlement officers, who are not merely a representative of the Home Department, but also of His Holiness and the entire Administration.

During this four-day conference, which will deliberate on a broad range of issues with the competency of the two-way communication channel between the Administration and the people, Kalon Tripa urged the settlement officers to discuss both the positives and negatives, just as His Holiness recently said "one should talk about the hare’s lip as much as one talks of its fine fur."

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